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1451 East Main Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 477-1957

Hwy 49 N or S
Turn Left (49N) or Right (49S) onto Dorsey Drive
Turn Right onto East Main Street (first major through street)
The Trading Post is about six business up on the right.
A parking lot is immediately before the two story building.
You can park either in the lot or immediately in front.
A skeleton horse is stationed in front of the Post.

10 A.M. to 7 P.M.
(Pacific Time)

(barring other commitments
such as Conferences and other Shows)

Trading Post Store Front


If you are in the area please drop by our Trading Post.   Examples of most of the items offered on this website can be viewed here.   Dr. Susan "Arizona" Gleason is usually on-site and often working on replicating artifacts.   If you want a Flintknapping Lesson, just walk in and ask  ($15/hr).   The purchase of a Flintknapping Kit at the Trading Post includes a free flintknapping lesson  (2 hr lesson included with the purchase of a Full Flintknapping Kit).   Demonstrations for kids or other groups can be arranged on short notice, usually for free.   A wide variety of other classes and workshops are offered through the Trading Post as well.   Information will be posted below as it becomes available.   Become a fan of the Trading Post on Facebook in order to keep up-to-date on all news and events regarding our store.




June 17th
1 to 5 PM
Rabbit Skinning
In this class you will learn how to skin a rabbit.   These rabbits were raised by Chelsea Mascari and were recently put down for meat.   She will be teaching the class and retrieving the edible meat.   During the class you will skin just the basic hide and not the face or feet.   The price is $15, which covers the scalpels you will be using and can take home with you.   If there is a knife or gloves that you prefer to use, feel free to bring and use them.   For $5 more you can take the hide that you just skinned.   The next day you can then take a class which will teach you how to tan this hide  (for just $10 more).   This class is limited to 9 students.   These students must be twelve or older.   Younger students can simply watch for free but are not assured a chair.   Wear clothes that you donít mind getting bloody.   You must pre-register for the class.
Fee:  $15
June 18th and 25th
1 to 5 PM
Fur Tanning
Come join us and learn how to tan a fur.   We will be tanning several small pelts in the course of this class.   It will be held on two Mondays in a row from 1 PM to 5 PM  (or until we're done).   The first Monday (18th) we will be scraping and preparing the furs.   During the week in between the furs will be soaking in the tanning mixture.   The second Monday (25th) we will be working the hides to soften them and make the leather flexible.   The class will cost $15 and you leave with printed information as well as the hands on experience.   Pre-registration is definitely required.   If you take the rabbit skinning class, the cost of this class includes the $5 for the rabbit pelt from that class.   If you bring your own skinned pelt, the cost of the class will be $5 less.
Fee:  $15
June 23rd
2 to 5 PM
Pine Needle Basketry
Come join us to learn how to make a pine needle basket.   In this class you will learn how to gather, prepare, and use pine needles to create these unique creations.   During the class you will learn about the history and background of this craft and its cultural significance.   In the time of the class you should be able to finish a small basket to take home.   The basic instruction will take at least three hours.   In addition you will receive tools and some material to continue the practice.   The cost of the class is only $15.   Pre-registration is required so that we can be assured of having enough materials.   This class can be kid friendly (10 and up) with prior notification.   There will be a limit to the size of the class of twelve attendees.   Once this class is full another class will be scheduled.
Fee:  $15
June 27th
4 to 6 PM
Dreamcatcher Weaving
Come and learn how to weave your own Dreamcatcher.   In this class you will learn the meaning and background of this craft as you proceed to make one to take home.   The class only costs $15 for a 6" deer skin wrapped dreamcatcher creation.   The colors will be your own selection.   If you want to use other materials, you must bring them.   Pre-registration is required to ensure that we have enough materials.   This class is kid friendly (10 and up) but prior notification is requested.   There will be a class size limit of twelve students.   Once this class is full, another class will be scheduled at another time.
Fee:  $15
July 7th
3 to 5 PM
Natural Rattles Making
In this class you will learn how to make a varieties of rattles using natural materials.   You will have the choice to make your rattle from a small dried gourd, clam shells, rawhide or deer hooves.   Indicate the variety of rattle you wish to make when you register.   You will pick out the rattle materials and then will be instructed how to put it all together.   This rattle will then be yours to take home  (it will take awhile for the materials to dry completely).   During this class we will discuss the variety of items that can be turned into rattles and the history and background of their use.   This class will cost $25 for both the materials and the instruction.   Pre-registration is absolutely required at least two days before the class date, with no late sign-ups.   Class size limit will be six people.
Fee:  $25
July 10th
4 to 6 PM
Arrowhead Making
Learn how to make an arrowhead in this class about the art of breaking rocks  (Flintknapping).   During this class you will take a precut slab of obsidian and practice whittling it down into a finished arrowhead.   The cost of $15 covers both this material, the tools  (which you get to take home), and the instruction.   There is a limit of five people for this class which will be outside in the sun  (warning for those that are sun sensitive).   The class will be cancelled in the event of rain.   There is an age limit for this class of 12 or older due to the upper body strength and weight required to successfully press off the flakes of obsidian.   This material is extremely sharp so there is also a warning that you will more than likely be cut during the flintknapping process.   Please where long sleeves, pants and shoes for protection.   Once you successfully complete this class, you can arrange for further classes to learn the process of forming the initial preform equivalent to this beginning slab.   We require that you pre-register for this class.
Fee:  $15
July 21st
2 to 5 PM
Soaproot Brush Making
The people of this region made a basic brush using the bulb of a soaproot plant.   The bulb was first stripped of the outer fibers.   These fibers were then bound together to form the bristles of a brush.   The core of the bulb was then cooked to soften the material.   The remaining fibers were then pulled out and scraped.   The scraped substance was then layered upon the bound fibers to form a handle for the brush.   These stages will be followed in this class.   You can then come back for your finished brush when the handle has completely dried  (generally a week).   These brushes were used to brush out the acorn meal from within the bedrock mortars.   Pre-registration is required with a limit of five people for the class.   All ages are welcome.
Fee:  $20
July 28th
2 to 4 PM
Bone Bead Jewelry
In time for Motherís Day, join us to make your own necklace and earrings using bone and glass beads.   Give it as a gift or make a set for yourself.   Our in-house jewelry maker will be teaching this class.   The cost of this class is only $20 and you can take home what you make.   Pre-registration is required.   This will ensure that we have enough materials for everyone that is definitely coming.   There is a limit of twelve students for this class.   Parking is limited so carpooling is suggested.
Fee:  $20
July 31st
5 to 6 PM
This FREE class will cover the background and methodology of the practice of burning bundles of herbs in Native American spirituality.   It will include both a how to in terms of general usage as well as an outlining of all the different herbs which can be used.   All day any smudging herbs will be on sale in the Trading Post - 10% off!.   This will be a free class during which you will receive printed materials.   The class will end with an opportunity for you to learn how to bundle your own materials for smudging.   You can go home and then use your own smudging bundle.
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