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1451 East Main Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 477-1957

Hwy 49 N or S
Turn Left (49N) or Right (49S) onto Dorsey Drive
Turn Right onto East Main Street (first major through street)
The Trading Post is about six business up on the right.
A parking lot is immediately before the two story building.
You can park either in the lot or immediately in front.
A skeleton horse is stationed in front of the Post.

10 A.M. to 7 P.M.
(Pacific Time)

(barring other commitments
such as Conferences and other Shows)

Trading Post Store Front


If you are in the area please drop by our Trading Post.   Examples of most of the items offered on this website can be viewed here.   Dr. Susan "Arizona" Gleason is usually on-site and often working on replicating artifacts.   If you want a Flintknapping Lesson, just walk in and ask  ($15/hr).   The purchase of a Flintknapping Kit at the Trading Post includes a free flintknapping lesson  (2 hr lesson included with the purchase of a Full Flintknapping Kit).   Demonstrations for kids or other groups can be arranged on short notice, usually for free.   A wide variety of other classes and workshops are offered through the Trading Post as well.   Information will be posted below as it becomes available.   Become a fan of the Trading Post on Facebook in order to keep up-to-date on all news and events regarding our store.




February 27th
4 to 5 PM
Bone Cleaning
Join this class to learn the basics behind cleaning bones.   We will cover the topic from a full flesh covered item to a finished white clean bone.   Alternative procedures will be examined with the necessary elements outlined.   If you have some discoveries that you wish to clean up, come by to get some tips.   This is a free class that will help you with all your discovered bones.
Fee:  FREE
March 1st
4 to 6 PM
Feather Fan
Join us to learn how to make your own Feather Fan that you can use for smudging.   All materials will be provided as well as instruction to make your own two feather fan.   The cost of the class is only $15.   It will take only an hour but you can take as long as you would like.   We require that you pre-register so that we can pull out enough materials for the class.   There is a limit to the class size of twelve people.
Fee:  $15
March 15th
4 to 7 PM
Loom Beading
Learn how to do basic loom beadwork in this class.   The cost of this class of $40 covers the cost of the loom, beads and other materials which you get to take home.   During the class you should be able to make a basic small bracelet or bookmark.   You must pre-register for this class at least two days before the date.   There is a limit of three people for this class unless special arrangements are made.
Fee:  $40
March 17th
2 to 7 PM
Pine Needle Basketry Workshop
This workshop is primarily for those who have already taken the pine needle basketry class.   All alumni are invited to come join the workshop to either make a new basket or finish the one they started before.   The cost of the workshop is only $5.   This is simply to cover the value of the sinew that you can use during the workshop.   During the workshop you can use as much sinew and pine needles as you desire.   Pre-registration is required so that we can be assured of having enough materials.   There will still be a limit to the size of the class of twelve attendees due to the limited room available.   Carpooling is suggested since parking is limited.
Fee:  $5
March 21st
4 to 6 PM
Claw Earrings
Join us to learn how to make your own earrings from loose claws.   There will be a variety of animal claws from which you can pick.   The cost of the class will be $15 and you get to take your earrings home with you.   The earrings will be hypoallergenic but not any specific metal other than lead free.   If you wish a specific metal, please call and make separate arrangements that we will be willing to help with.   There is a class limit of twelve students.   Pre-registration is required at least two days before the class date.   Please carpool due to limited parking.
Fee:  $15
March 24th
1 to 5 PM
Bead Manufacture
Come join us for a FREE Day of Creativity at the Trading Post.   We will be using a variety of materials to create a diversity of beads of all shapes and sizes.   This workshop is a working example of experimental archaeology.   We will be using a wide variety of materials, techniques and procedures with the desired outcome being a bead.   This will include soapstone beads, egg shell beads, pine nut beads, shell beads, clay beads and much more.   Pre-registration in terms of a heads up is required at least a day in advance in order to have enough materials for everyone who wants to play.   What you produce you may take home.
Fee:  FREE
March 28th
4 to 6 PM
Medicine Bag
Join us to learn how to make your own small medicine bag.   Covered in this class will be the history and cultural background behind such an item.   Various item which can be placed into your bag will be covered as well.   The cost of this class will be $15.   This will cover both instruction and the materials involved.   Pre-registration is required at least two days before the class.   This will insure that we have enough materials for everyone.   We request that you let us know the color you prefer for the leather of your bag.   A limit exists for this class of twelve students.   Carpooling is suggested due to limited parking.
Fee:  $15
March 29th
5 to 6 PM
This class will cover the background and methodology of the practice of burning bundles of herbs in Native American spirituality.   It will include both a how to in terms of general usage as well as an outlining of all the different herbs which can be used.   All day any smudging herbs will be on sale  -  10% off!   This willl be a free class during which you will receive printed materials.
Fee:  FREE
March 31st
3 to 6 PM
Dreamcatcher Weaving Workshop
This is a workshop specifically for alumni of our Dreamcatcher Weaving Class.   The participants in the workshop can make as many dreamcatchers as they can finish in the time allowed.   There will be plenty of Dreamcatcher rings, string, leather, beads and feathers for the participants to choose from for their creations.   The class only costs $15 and a participant could easily make two to three dreamcatchers during the time available.   The colors will be your own selection.   If you want to use other materials, you must bring them.   Pre-registration is required to ensure that we have enough materials available.   There will be a class size limit of twelve students.   Carpooling is suggested due to limited parking.
Fee:  $15
All Fees include both instruction and materials.   Finished Take-Home Product produced in all classes except where noted.   Pre-registration required for all classes.   We do request a heads-up if you are bringing a large group.   Inquire about our special "take five classes get one free" offer.
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