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"PUH", WHO? :  Cattails (Typha spp.)
In The Modern and Ancient Mayan Economy











Wetlands were used by the Maya in many different ways.   A potentially significant resource within these wetlands is represented by Typha spp.   This genera has found many different applications around the world.   Its unique characteristics, formed and shaped by its ecological position, has helped make every part of the cattail significant and useful in some way.   The distribution of the type of wetland which Typha enjoys, however, is limited and restricted in the Yucatan.   The uses reported for it by the modern Maya are also limited, being restricted to three specific uses.   In contrast, the potential, as demonstrated by the range of uses documented around the world, is quite high.   There is some slight evidence available concerning its use and significance for the ancient Maya, mainly inferential.   Behavioral chains built upon the general worldwide use documentation provided should help to further this research into whether or nor the ancient Maya made significant use of this resource.

Keywords:   Ethnobotany, Typha, Maya, Behavioral Chains
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